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Nothing Like A Complete Family Holiday

How do you get the entire family together and keep them happy with plenty of activities for every age? You take them to Beaches. Family reunions at Beaches give you the chance to spend quality time together while giving everyone the space to do what they love. Little kids can hang out with their favourite Sesame Street® characters, teens have the Xbox Play Lounge, Scratch DJ Academy®, and their own places to hang. That gives grown-ups time alone to scuba dive, play golf or head to the spa*. Our family resorts are the perfect way to please everyone in the family, because sometimes you have to get away to get closer together.

Enjoy Unique Family Bonding Moments

with memories that last a lifetime

Create special memories that last a lifetime for your family reunion with unique family bonding moments† — a VIP experience just for you and your loved ones.

  • Private Family Snorkel Trip
  • Private Bonfire on the Beach
  • Private Catamaran Cruise
  • Private Beach BBQ
  • Private Party at Liquid or Scratch DJ Academy®
  • Private Sesame Street® Party
  • And more!
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