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zak booth From DONCASTER

Reviewed June 23, 2018

The whole place was so welcoming and relaxed. The food was incredible and a good mix of buffet and a la carte dining. There were plenty of bars and things to do especially on the beach and in the water park. I felt like a kid again myself!


Trusted Customer

Reviewed June 13, 2018

Nothing to do with the resort, but international travel to Jamaica is difficult to get too and it is such a shame to pay a full day's cost when you arrive at 10pm.


hayley lusted

Reviewed May 30, 2018

Resort was lovely. Great pool with slides for kids of all ages. Beaches was lovely


carol spencer

Reviewed May 6, 2018

Excellent facilities and amenities.


Trusted Customer

Reviewed March 5, 2018

The room was lovely, I was worried the terrace would be a bit public but it wasn’t at all. Everything was very clean and in the evenings there is a turn-down service where they deliver a newsletter detailing what’s on the following day.

The food at this resort was WONDERFUL. Steak and lobster in Neptune’s was outstanding. Special mention to the crepes which we had nearly every day! The breakfast buffets were brilliantly stocked, I honestly couldn’t fault anything.

The Sesame Street element is fantastic. Initially our daughter was scared but by the last day she was cuddling them all and desperate to see them. I was blown away by the parade. I was expecting a small line of characters walking through the resort. What we got was a full-scale parade with dancers and a local band, banners, bubbles, the works! I would go back just for that.


Trusted Customer

Reviewed February 7, 2018

Clean, tidy
Exactly like the holiday brochures


kerry travis

Reviewed December 17, 2017

There are no hidden extras unlike other resorts!


karen wardle fairooz

Reviewed December 6, 2017

Very clean rooms, superb food


trevor major From London

Reviewed November 5, 2017

This was a fantastic holiday experience as this was a special family occassion. Thank you to the Beaches Ocho Rios team!


gregory eaton

Reviewed September 23, 2017

Great place and fantastic staff in the resort.


owain dobson From London

Reviewed August 7, 2017

Total customer focus. It was 'our holiday - you have to have the best vacation' to quote one of team......


Trusted Customer

Reviewed August 7, 2017

They make your holiday perfect

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