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Looking After Our Environment

June 05, 2017 - Beaches Resorts - Jamaica

Today marks World Environment Day, a day which looks at the ways we care for our environment and is more important now than ever before. As anyone who has watched the news recently will know, the environment and human impact on it is a hotly debated issue, and it’s important for us all to play our part in looking after our planet. Here at Sandals we believe ourselves to be no exception, and we too strive to ensure we follow ethical practices and give back to the environment.

Sandals Foundation is an organisation set up by Sandals Resorts that looks at the many different ways we can give back to the world around us, and one of those ways is to the environment. We have many schemes in place that aim to promote the care and appreciation of nature. The Sandals Foundation believes in the preservation of our unique surroundings – from the delicate reefs, to the remarkable marine life, to the breath-taking beauty of the beaches, to the trees and flora.

From monitoring turtles and promoting their conservation to distributing reusable shopping bags in place of plastic ones, we run all kinds of schemes on different scales to help both smaller communities and the environment as a whole, you can read more about these schemes here. As we continue many of our community programs that have demonstrated a long history of success, the Sandals Foundation is also taking an increased leadership role as it develops ground breaking initiatives with the public and private sectors.

However, this isn’t just a day to worry about the environment, but also to celebrate it too! A holiday at Sandals gives you the perfect opportunity to appreciate the world around you, from the chance to snorkel and scuba dive and appreciate the colourful marine life that lives beneath the sparkling surface of the Caribbean Sea, to just admiring the plant life that thrives in the resorts and surrounding rainforests. We also offer different Island Routes excursions that give you the chance to get up close and personal with the nature of the Caribbean, including our Turtle Watching tour that donates proceeds to the Oracabessa Foundation, and our rainforest adventures that allow you to see the beauty of these lush and enchanting eco-systems.

For more information on our contribution to environmental and other important causes, visit the Sandals Foundation website. If you are interested in booking a Sandals holiday click here


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