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You've dreamed of the moment you say "I do" in paradise and want every detail to be as perfect as you've imagined. At
Beaches, we make planning your wedding and honeymoon a fun and seamless journey. Planning your wedding with us gives
you access to our full-service wedding boutique, made up of a team of professionals responsible for coordinating your
wedding from planning to execution, and fulfilling all of the wishes that will make your experience a dream come true.

At beaches, you will receive the following complimentary services delivered
by a Team of Wedding Professionals

  • Reserve accommodations, wedding date, and wedding time.
  • Work with you to gather all of the correct documentation required
    by the local government to apply for your wedding license and
    marriage certificate.
  • Submit your application, documentation and mandatory fees to the local government office and deliver your marriage certificate to your home.
  • Schedule a local non-denominational marriage officer to officiate
    your wedding.
  • Schedule a toll-free phone consultation for you and your personal Pre-travel Wedding Planner.
  • Organize all of your wedding plans and communicate your wishes to your Resort Wedding Planner in preparation of your arrival.
  • Schedule onsite wedding consultations with your resort wedding planning team, which includes a Wedding Manager and your personal Resort Wedding Planner, SnapShots wedding photographer, and the Red Lane Spa salon hair and make-up stylists.
  • Setup of your customised wedding ceremony, wedding reception, and any additional reserved functions by your dedicated wedding team.

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